Arrangement and motion of the Solar System

Nearly everyone knows that the solar system is called that because the sun is in the center, and everything else (planets, their moons, and asteroids) revolve around it. –Right? After all, “solar” refers to “sun”, and since the sun is by far the largest body in this system of proximity and motion, that seems to make sense.

But is that really true?

One of the most exciting discoveries explained on this site is that the modern, commonly accepted understanding of the arrangement and movement of the sun, earth, and planets is wrong.

Truths about the Solar System

When you come to understand the truth on this topic, you will see that reality agrees with the Bible. (Since the Bible is the inspired word of the Creator God, and since Jesus mentioned when praying to the Father that “thy word is truth”, should we be surprised?)

The truth about the solar system is confirmation of Genesis Creation Proof.

Is it really possible that the following statements are true – and that they can be proven to be true?

• The earth does not revolve around the sun.

• The earth does not rotate on its axis.

• The sun revolves around the earth.

• NASA bases rocket launches on math for a stationary earth.

• If the earth did move as fast as we are told it does, it would lose its atmosphere.

Actually, we could make many more such true statements, each going against what we were taught in school.

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“Geocentricity” is a fascinating study. Although not currently very popular, you might be surprised to learn how many scientists, mathematicians, and engineers believe that the sun revolves around the earth – and not the other way around.

This site has more to say about geocentricity and some of the many proofs of it. You might want to read about both of the following topics:

• Origin of the Earth

• Geocentricity

Dr. Shaban’s book, The Verses of Deus, explains much more and is available through this site.

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