Crypto currencies are characterized by such volatility that Atecs Capitaltraders accept them as a means of payment. The price of goods or services would have to change from day to day to keep up with such frequent fluctuations, and the price would change too quickly to keep its value. The situation may change if the price stabilizes.

Bitcoins were created in the intention of resembling precious metals, e.g. gold (hence “digging”), in which a shortage helps maintain their value. Bitcoin supporters say the coins are divisible into smaller units that will gain value when the total bitcoin supply is kicked out.

The most popular Crypto currencies

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the original crypto currency, which is the most known and the most expensive. It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity has never been fully proven. Bitcoin is so well known that every other cryptomonet is called altcoin, i.e. an alternative to bitcoin. The high price of each bitcoin makes investors decide on alternative Crypto currencies. The whole problem for investors is to find altcoins that can function alongside bitcoins in the future or eventually replace them.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a distributed public block chain network created in 2015. Ethereum and bitcoin differ mainly in the function of the network. Ethereum is not used to track crypto currency ownership, but rather to run programming code for decentralized applications. Ethers are often incorrectly called ethereum. The basic premise is that anyone who wants to use blockchain technology can use ethereum without having to create a completely new application.

What Makes the Traders Trade At Ease

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a money transfer method that works differently from the bitcoin network. It does not use block chain technology and is not limited to the transfer of its own coins. Ripple enables the transfer of all types of currencies, including Crypto currencies, fiat currency, gold and even air miles. Banks have been strongly interested in ripple for some time because of the transaction speed (10,000 times higher than bitcoin).

Eos (eos)

EOS is the native crypto currency block chain protocol EOS.IO launched in 2017. Its goal is to support an intelligent contract platform and a decentralized operating system to host decentralized applications and offer decentralized storage.

Bitcoin cash (bch)

Bitcoin cash, or bitcoin cash, is the best known hard fork of classic bitcoin (i.e. the original one). Hard fork is creating a completely new currency based on existing bitcoin technology. The main reason for creating the fork was to increase scalability. The biggest change was to increase block sizes to allow for more transactions per second (which means higher speed).