One of Roatan’s most sizzling island attractions is none other than the Little French Key. Found simply off the coast, this private island trip has a journey to deliver travelers and resort visitors rushing to its area.

The heaven inside heaven is a short 20-minute picturesque drive from both the Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay journey ship ports. The energy starts once you land at Frenchy’s 44, you will board a decked vessel for a three to a five-minute pontoon ride to the LFK, in the interim taking in all the delightful surroundings the Caribbean brings to the table. Full circle transportation is incorporated and part of any LFK Package you buy with us.

History of Little French Key, Roatan

The Little French Key was initially named Frenchman Cay, after the French privateer who settled in the region numerous years back. Situated simply off the bank of Roatan, in the southerly side of the island, the little private cay or key (island) is one of numerous that can be found all through the western Caribbean.

The Roatan Island travel data gives a rundown of significant data for all explorers and guests to Roatan, Honduras. The western Caribbean island of Roatan is roughly 37 miles off the northern shore of Honduras. It’s the biggest of the Bay Islands and neighbor to Utila toward the west and Guanaja toward the east, with a few littler islands in the middle of named Morat and Barbareta. Numerous different cays or keys (little islands) can be found off the coast too, for example, the Little French Key and Pigeon Cay. Voyagers trying to investigate a portion of these remote Caribbean areas locate another importance for heaven.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus found the Bay Islands between 1502-1504, during his fourth journey. Visiting the neighboring island of Guanaja, he asserted the Bay Islands for Spain.

Moreover, Roatan sits on the second biggest hindrance reef framework on earth and biggest in the western half of the globe. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef extends from the nation of Belize to Roatan for more than 700 miles. The reef’s nearness to shore and secured Caribbean waters gives a bit of leeway to many water-sport devotees like scuba jumpers. Roatan has become a world-class goal for major game angling, boaters, jumpers, swimmers, and so on..

Little French Key, Bay Island: Top Tourist Attraction in Honduras

Roatan’s climate is predictable all year with a 10 degree variety in temperature. The long stretches of September through January are viewed as the stormy season, with sporadic deluge of downpour and daylight. On a normal, Roatan gets around 99 creeps of downpour a year. Increasingly itemized data on precipitation, moistness, dew point (damp), and temperature midpoints can be found on our Roatan Weather and Climate page.

Courtesy: Jonathan Schacher, Owner of INPLAZA