The extinction, doomsday, end of the world, end of the online poker is just an imaginary curry to make cards spicier. This isn’t new, it is happening since the birth of the internet. This extinction theory starts circulating around some mega event to create the buzz. This will make people could land on some spurious sites in hope of mega win in those last crucial moments before the extinction happens. Unfortunately, you lose all your deposit and the next morning you see the same platform using the same trick to woo some new set of players.

Being a poker player, you are a man of information and calculations. These extinctions or any other myths isn’t for you. All these stupid ideas are for non-players who love talking about the game but never play. So, stay focused on your game and keep on learning so that you could continue building your bottom line.

If you are looking for some positive answer then here is the shocker. The online poker industry is growing leaps and bounds without any recessionary headwinds.

Since the 2003 watershed moment, when Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.  The online poker industry is growing at an exponential rate. It is not just vertical, but horizontal growth, as several new markets like mainland China and India opened a vast market for online poker gaming. It touched the plateau in 2016, but the smartphone with high-speed internet changed the scenario. Forget about extinction the online poker is fast evolving to serve better.

Why It Won’t Ever Die?

  • The Game

The nature of the game is such that it involves the intellectual, emotional and financial capacity of the human. So, the game will survive and evolve to reach new heights. In coming years, when blockchain and artificial intelligence will advance further, the virtuality will be redefined and the industry is ready to take the quantum jump.

  • The Passion

The game is so intrinsically linked to the human psyche that it will remain there forever in one form or the other. The human passion for fun, challenge, chance, and thrill will keep it alive.

  • The Reward

Online poker is all about calculative risk with the money so that one could win big money in the quickest possible time. The world is heading towards legitimizing the game so that it could be better regulated and controlled. The human urge for reward will take this game forward. With the technological advancements, the style and interface might change but at the core, the fundamentals of poker will remain the same.

  • The Investment Opportunity

Efficient and effective evolution is a key to survival and online poker is evolving fast. This is slowly gaining currency as an investment opportunity for even non-players. They help players in buy-ins and earn handsome returns from winning margins. In coming years, it is expected that it will beat all possible gambling and betting opportunity. This offers an opportunity to bet on human skills.

Is it true that online poker is facing extinction?

  • New Markets

The online poker is expanding fast beyond the traditional American and European to Asian markets. Major economies in Asia are growing fast with per capita income growth in double digits. With strong saving and passion for a better life, it is projected that these markets will drive the growth of online poker.  The biggest advantage is the volume and relatively less stressful life in Asian cultures, meaning more involvement in terms of time. It is likely that these markets will force poker online pulsa sites to re-adjust revenue models to welcome more players from low-income bandwidth.

Is online poker heading towards extinction? Definitely not! it is just passing through the phase of transition and transformation. It is natural to hit some bumpers in these phases of re-adjustments and re-alignments, but you cannot say it extinction. People love the game and they play it for fun and fund. Since  new players are exploring the world of cards, it won’t be an easy task to catch fish. As time passes, you have to change your gaming strategy and hone skills for new circumstances. The time tested rule is simple; you have to learn aggressively to win aggressively!