When a buddy of mine sent me a text message, I was sitting down on my sofa watching television one night. I replied back to him straight away and read it. The topic of this text was roughly 1,000 Hajis (those who’ve been around Mecca for a pilgrimage), that cried of Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him), and they were given an opinion to pass . We all had been bombarded. You may comprehend why once you see what I have to mention concerning this spying texts company. As we had been at the car on my way to operate, the topic of perishing because a Muslim and obtaining the Key to Jannat (Paradise) has been discussed.

He said he had a client that, since he went to open it and abandoned the car had left his secret from the cab. We Muslims must get the secret to open the doorways of Jannat for us like that client who could not get with no or her key poker deposit pulsa. Because he could come back he had to return to the cab to locate his secret. Because we only live once we can’t come back to find our secret to Jannat after we die, and now we must take that 1 opportunity. My buddy and I agreed. There’s an element of Shirk in forwarding text messages that are Islamic that guarantee great news and warn about terrible information.

Forwarding Islamic Text Messages Is Wrong

It isn’t right and it’s Shirk since you’re thinking about in the text email or message that warns you you will receive bad news in case you don’t forward it to some specific amount of individuals. Shirk is if you assign partners. In the example of emails or text messages, if you think them you are assigning partners. Shirk is among the serious sins in Islam that Allah never uttered. Take care of what you forward and what you read. This is the text dialog ensued. After hearing that, inform individuals to eleven, they are going to get decent news.