Genesis1 describes creation on earth

Genesis1 (i.e., Genesis Chapter 1) tells the Bible account of the creation of life on the earth today – as well as other important information relevant to that life.

Genesis1 (and indeed all of Genesis and the entire Bible) emphasizes the story of mankind, and the importance of mankind to the Creator God. That is a good standpoint from which to view what is written in Genesis (though not mandatory to understand key points explained on this page).

What you will read here (on the pages linked to this one) includes the entire Bible text of Genesis-1 and has been written in the form of a Bible commentary. That is, Bible verses will be quoted and then explanatory comments will be given afterwards. The Scripture (verses) will be given in bold font, starting with the King James Version (or, KJV). When newer versions (translations) are significantly different or might be more accurate to the original, inspired intent, their wording (or a summary, such as several words in other translations) is sometimes given in parentheses. (Note that italicized words in the bolded portion are italicized in the translation – usually meaning, for the King James Version, that the translators felt that the word was not actually in the original text, but that adding it here makes the intended meaning clear.)

Is what is presented here the absolute truth?

It should be noted that scholars differ on some of the meanings, so I will tell what my 45 years of study and reflection have led me to conclude is “the” correct meaning. –That will be given first, but I will try to add comments when there is credible difference in opinion – perhaps even explaining an alternative that could be the correct understanding. (Since God is God and we are not, there is always the possibility that no human explanation on a given point is correct. But that does not take away from the value in studying these topics.)

Remember that this site was written with the goal of providing the most helpful, most correct, easiest to understand, yet rather brief overall summary of Genesis Creation Proof currently available on the Internet. It alone should strengthen the faith of Christians and help lead non-Christian readers to faith in the Creator God of the Bible. And of course there is almost no end to additional resources that can be studied for even deeper understanding. Links to some of them might be added over time.

The pages linked to this one start by quoting the verses shown in the links below. Read them in order to get the best understanding. I have included the first few verses of Genesis chapter 2 here, since it completes what is usually called the seven days of creation. (See that page, as well as the ones below, for strong evidence that they were, in fact, seven literal 24-hour days.)

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