Look again at Genesis-the-Book

Can anyone in the 21st Century really be serious when they advocate reading Genesis-the-Book?

After all, have not scholars and thinking people as a whole realized for many decades or even centuries now that Genesis is, at best, a simplified allegory? -Was it not written by Moses or someone else to help uneducated peoples of the past feel comfortable that the gods (whatever they might be) had a hand in generating what we see around us?

If that is what you have been taught - or an opinion you have, though you're not sure why - are you willing to look into it for yourself?

This site was set up primarily to show Christians that they can trust the Bible as the source of reality and truth. But if you have read this far and are willing to consider evidence that might help you either substantiate or question your position on some pretty important life-affecting topics, please read on. -You are very welcome!

Is Genesis-the-Book believable?

Let's face it: Many people who consider themselves Christians are not at all sure that what is often called "the creation week" of Genesis chapter 1 is literal - can be considered truth.

Why is that?

Because nearly all schools have taught for generations now that the Bible is not really the Word of God. And even people who trust the Bible have been conditioned to think that many parts of it are literary forms that help us understand by analogy or allegory, but they were never meant to be taken literally.

Does the Bible contain much poetry, stories, analogies, allegories, and other non-literal forms or accounts?


But it also contains accounts that are historically and/or scientifically verifiable and verified.

So, the question becomes one of how do we know, and which accounts are to be taken literally.

For purposes of this site, we will answer that question by stating that matters of creation are important to mankind understanding who he is and how he relates to God. Since the Bible calls itself the revelation (revealing) to humankind of what we need to know, the Genesis accounts of creation can be believed.

Then, we will not just stop there - for that could be no more than opinion that can be disproved. Instead of stopping there, we present on this site enough information that you can easily read, think about, and use to come to your own conclusions.

We do not offer everything that could be said, of course! And, over time, we might add additional information here. But what we have aimed to do is to present in one, easily digested website, enough of the answers that if you take the time to review most of what is presented here, you should not be willing to accept unproven attacks on God and the Bible in the future.

Introducing Genesis

So just what is this "Genesis" - Genesis-the-Book?

Jews know it as the first of five books in Scripture that together were called the (written) Torah - the "Law".

Christians accept those five books, plus 34 others (the "Prophets" and the "Writings") also originally kept by the Jews, as the "Old Testament Scriptures".

Why the "Old Testament"? Because the Jews feel that the writings about Jesus and the new covenant he offered mankind when he walked the earth 2000 years ago are not Scripture. But Christians also call the "New Testament" books Scripture - Scripture added by the will and inspiration of God. Along with the Old Testament, they together comprise the Bible. And to Christians, the Bible is the inspired "word" of God - which He meant us to have as guidance and wisdom for all aspects of life. And especially so that we might become "wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus", as the Apostle Paul later told Timothy, the young evangelist, in 2 Timothy 3:15.

Genesis is the first book of Scripture for Christians and Jews. You probably already know that the word "genesis" means beginnings. And in Genesis-the-Book we are told much about the beginnings of humankind, along with the beautiful earth and heavens, as they were fashioned for us by a loving God.

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