Genesis Creation Proof: Does true science affirm God created all things?

Does Genesis Creation Proof exist?

-Or is the Book of Genesis a fable, perhaps written by or for ancient peoples who were too ignorant to know any better?

-Or perhaps God exists and wrote Genesis, but it is figurative – a story that is easy to remember and pass down from one generation to the next?

-Or is Genesis irrelevant? -By this 21st Century, has not science evolved to the point that religion is irrelevant – totally disproven?

Can You Know for Sure?

There seems to be no end to people – and websites – saying that they have the correct answers on anything and everything. And that includes the topic of origins.

Many people adhere to one of these belief systems:

• There is a Supreme Being, and God created all things; the Bible Book of Genesis includes proof of creation. Or,

• Everything came about by means of a chance beginning and a very long time of evolution thereafter; true science confirms it.

What YOU believe probably depends on what you were taught long ago and thus have “always believed”. Or, maybe you have studied this subject more recently and have reached a new conclusion.

Perhaps you have never seriously thought about your beliefs on this topic. That is often the case unless or until someone challenges a person to prove something one way or the other.

But even if you were challenged and decided to check it out, an important question is worth asking first: Can you really know for sure?

Genesis Creation Proof Uncovered

This site exists because we believe that it is possible to know for sure!

And we think you can come to your own conclusions rather quickly: This site is relatively short, so you won’t need a lot of time to check it out.

We let you know right up front – right now – what we believe:

Let's start with our “hypothesis": There is an all-powerful, all-sufficient God Who is both Creator and Sustainer of the universe and everything in it, including mankind. And He is Love, so He did not leave us to speculate. -God created, and He allowed true science to prove the Book of Genesis story is not a fable or simply figurative. -Rather, it is the truth!

God is Creator, and the Book of Genesis includes His inspired account of creation! Yes, Genesis Creation Proof exists and can be proven by true science.

This site was written for Christians. But not just for Christians. If you are willing to consider the facts of the Book of Genesis and compare them to facts of true science, this site will help you answer the following question:

"How can I know for sure the Bible is true?"

We invite you to see, starting with this site. We propose to show that:

• Genesis Creation Proof exists, since

• The Book of Genesis shows that God created life on earth, and since

• True science agrees with Genesis chapter 1, that gives us further proof of creation.

If you are a Christian, your faith can be strengthened here, by seeing Genesis-Creation-Proof, including some of what true science has to say.

Here is an important added benefit to digging into this site:

You can learn that much of what is taught in schools today is, as the Apostle Paul stated, "science falsely so called". There really is a widespread con game underway, and it is deeply entrenched.

But the truth will set you free. Jesus, talking to God the Father, said: "Thy word is truth."

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